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Membrane system contracting

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Creating value for customers

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Labor saving

One-stop service for the whole process of customer membrane system: Fumiao membrane Feymer chemical Feymer professional operation and maintenance team.

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Save money

Feymer technology subverts the traditional model: No. 1 membrane factory, No. 1 drug factory, shirk each other's responsibilities if there are problems, no service on site, and high operating costs.

Feymer Technology Creates New Model: The customer's overall membrane system contract operation, to provide customers with professional membrane system technical services, save membrane system operating costs, save management costs.

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peace of mind

Use professional technical services to avoid serious consequences such as unexpected accidents and substandard water quality on customer production and environmental protection and safety.

Our advantage

Raw Water Pretreatment Chemicals Membrane Element/Membrane Module Membrane Chemicals

Membrane System Diagnostics: Professional technical service engineers will go to the customer site to understand the problems in the membrane system.

On-site water quality analysis: Use Fu Miao's powerful water quality analysis center to accurately analyze the water quality on site as a basis for assessing system problems and formulating plans.

Operation and maintenance scheme of membrane system: According to the on-site investigation and water quality analysis report, the system general contracting operation and maintenance plan is formulated.

Professional Engineer Field Service: Develop a detailed service plan, determine the implementation steps and carry out the service.

Real-time monitoring and remote management services: According to the needs of the owner, configure the system to run real-time monitoring and remote data transmission system to help customers diagnose and solve problems at any time.

Driving and training services: According to the needs of the owner, the operator shall be trained before the start-up of the new membrane system, helping to formulate the system operation and management plan, and assisting the system to start and put into operation.

Ability to solve problems: Fumiao's application technology center has rich experience in product application and can solve various technical problems for customers at any time.