Membrane Application Services

Membrane system contract operation business

Membrane system dosing maintenance business

Membrane system cleaning service
(online cleaning, offline cleaning)

Membrane system related consumables
Supply of (membrane element/membrane module)

Supply of membrane chemicals

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Membrane System Diagnostics

Professional technical service engineers will go to the customer site to understand the problems in the membrane system.

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On-site water quality analysis

Using the powerful water quality analysis center of Fu Miao, the accurate analysis of the on-site water quality is used as the basis for evaluating the problems of the system and formulating the plan.

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Operation and maintenance scheme of membrane system

According to the field investigation and water quality analysis report, the system general contracting operation and maintenance plan is formulated.

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Professional Engineer Field Service

Develop a detailed service plan, determine the implementation steps and carry out the service.

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Real-time monitoring and remote management services

According to the needs of the owner, configure the system to run real-time monitoring and remote data transmission system to help customers diagnose and solve problems at any time.

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Driving and training services

According to the needs of the Owner, conduct operator training for the newly-built membrane system before start-up, help formulate system operation and management plan, and assist the system in start-up and operation.

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Ability to solve problems

Fu Miao's application technology center has rich experience in product application and can solve various technical problems for customers at any time.

Our advantage

autonomous simulation

Complete team, synergy effect

▪Membrane system engineering team-to find and solve the problems of membrane system from the engineering point of view
▪Membrane system operation and maintenance team-find and solve the problems of membrane system from the perspective of operation
▪Membrane Chemicals Application Team-Discover and Solve Problems in Membrane Systems from the Perspective of Membrane Chemicals
▪Membrane element application team-find and solve the problems of membrane system from the perspective of membrane element

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Analysis and detection means rich

▪Water quality analysis and detection capability-water quality detection and analysis are complete together, in addition to basic indicators, it can also analyze and detect heavy metals, etc., which is second to none in the water treatment industry.
▪Analysis and detection capability of membrane elements-only enterprises that produce membrane elements have instruments and equipment, analysis capability of membrane element planing, membrane element flux, desalination rate and other detection capabilities


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Strong service ability

▪High level technical service engineer
▪Efficient Resident Service Engineer