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Science and innovation to drive sustainable development Uncover the wastewater treatment process to retain the "green water" by these

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2022-07-28 11:14

In this year's environmental protection conference reporters reported a domestic industrial sector of environmental protection and energy integrated service provider. This enterprise can provide comprehensive solutions for the whole process from sewage, water reuse, concentrated brine, zero discharge. This issue of the program reporter visited their industrial water treatment technology R & D and innovation center located in Pudong Jinqiao. The laboratory specifically demonstrated two wastewater treatment experiments. One is the membrane treatment technology, the principle is to use advanced materials made of reverse osmosis membrane, high salt wastewater flow through the membrane surface when the pressure is applied, the wastewater in the salt and impurities, etc. through the reverse osmosis membrane separation out, and ultimately leave clean water molecules. This company's equipment can recover more industrial return water under less pressure. The other is heterogeneous catalytic technology, which is actually an oxidation technology where oxidizing agents are injected into a reactor with carriers, and these agents grow catalytically active crystals on the carriers to remove pollutants. The catalytic crystal growth into the key steps is the core technology mastered by this enterprise. Currently in the enterprise's R & D innovation center, a wastewater treatment technology is being continuously developed and repeatedly verified. Enterprises are borrowing the power of science and technology, so that the concept of "green mountains are golden mountains" can be accelerated throughout the country to practice landing.

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