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Feymer Technology|| 2023 Shanghai International Water Exhibition Review

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2023-06-10 00:00


2023 Shanghai International Water Exhibition WEF

Exhibition time: June 5 - June 7, 2023

Jiangsu Feymer Technology Co., Ltd.

On June 5, 2023, Shanghai International Water Exhibition (SIWA), which is jointly organized by China Environmental Protection Federation (CEPF), China Energy Conservation Association (CECA) and Shanghai Hochiang Exhibition, and gathers more than 3,000 environmental enterprises with a display area of 220,000 square meters, was grandly opened at Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center.



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As a professional manufacturer and service provider of water treatment products, Richmiao Technology helps customers develop optimal solutions with large-scale manufacturing, all-water products and technologies, and an excellent service team to help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency and green development.

Feymer Technology provides customers with high-quality water treatment products, including water treatment membrane products and water treatment chemicals.

Feymer water treatment specialized membrane products:

Nanofiltration Membrane Element

MBR membrane products

Ultra Filtration Membrane Element

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element


▲Water Treatment Membrane Products


Feymer Technology specializes in water treatment chemicals:

Raw water treatment chemicals

Process water treatment chemicals

Wastewater treatment chemicals

Deep water treatment chemicals


▲Feymer Technology Water Treatment Specialty Chemicals


In addition to providing customers with professional water treatment products, Feymer Technology also provides customers with: system diagnosis, water quality analysis, customized solutions, targeted training, remote assistance, on-site service, hosting operations and other services.

Focusing on the whole value chain of "industrial use of water, water recycling, water protection", we help our customers to create the value of water.





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Ms. Qian Huimei, the person in charge of the membrane operation and maintenance business center of Feymer Technology, also shared the application of Richmiao's membrane operation and maintenance service on industrial wastewater in the "National Operation and Maintenance Technology Forum of Membrane System" at the same time of the exhibition.


Mr. Qian's sharing triggered a lot of industry colleagues' interest in the operation and maintenance services of Richmiao Membrane, and after the report, they came to the exhibition booth for consulting and exchanging, and discussing the development trend of the industry together.

As a company listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, Richmiao Technology will continue to be committed to technological innovation, and actively transform the results of industry exchanges into a driving force for product upgrading, to provide customers with more competitive solutions, and to create a better life for mankind!


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