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Feymer Membrane Technology was honored

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2023-01-30 00:00

The afternoon of January 29, Phoenix Township held to implement the city's "modernization and construction of the vanguard of the year" the spirit of the meeting and Phoenix Township, "three raise three fight" work mobilization meeting. Town party secretary Wang Weimin attended the meeting and made a speech. Town deputy secretary of the party committee, mayor Tian Wenhua presided over the meeting. Town People's Congress Chairman Zhang Ping, town party committee deputy secretary Ji Xiaoyang, town party committee deputy secretary and director of the CPPCC Work Committee Li Song attended the meeting. Suzhou Fu Miao Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the meeting.

Wang Weimin stressed that the whole town should flagrantly learn from the pioneers, pay tribute to the role model, firmly set up the officers and entrepreneurs, and strive for the first distinctive orientation, the courage to stand on the tide of the sprint modernization, dare to break through and strive to be the vanguard, in the Chinese-style modernization of the new practice of the magnificent journey to leave a unique imprint. Commended, commended enterprises and departments to continue to make further progress, riding the wave, always striving to be the first, the courage to move forward in the industry benchmark, leading the town to focus on creating a good atmosphere of excellence, catching up with each other.

Based on the new starting point of the journey, new goals and tasks, the town party members and cadres and the majority of enterprises to actively participate in the era of torrential, do not fall "the will of the clouds", do not lose the "entrepreneurial dream", do not live up to the "heart of the red son! ", with a more full of spirit, more powerful confidence and determination, more solid work capacity, scrambling for time, work fast, start sprinting, striving to be the first, a wide range of convergence of "only to strive for the night and then set off, the masses of people work together" of the mighty force, and strive to do extraordinary performance in the special year! The company's website has been updated with the latest information on the latest developments in the industry.


At the conference site, Liu Yue, general manager of Membrane Technology, went on the stage on behalf of Membrane Technology to accept the commendation.


Membrane Technology was awarded "Jiangsu Gazelle Enterprise" and "Suzhou Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center".

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