Modular MBR complete sets of equipment

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Product Details

  • 产品描述
    • Commodity name: Modular MBR complete sets of equipment

    Product Characteristics

    ● Upper capacity and lower flow structure: the upper part is the vessel, the lower part is the piping and other ancillary facilities. The lower part of each individual membrane tank is designed as a prefabricated integrated arrangement of piping, support structures and ancillary facilities to save space.

     Movable: All process units are movable prefabricated standardized equipment, no civil construction is needed on site, only modular splicing and combination can be transported to achieve rapid installation and commissioning.

    ● Standard modularization: Independent prefabricated standard membrane tanks, flexible combination of configurations according to the size of the water volume, all auxiliary facilities, including fan systems, pump systems, backwash water systems, pharmaceutical systems, air systems, coke systems, control systems, etc. are prefabricated standardized equipment.

    ● In-situ cleaning: No need to lift to a specialized cleaning tank for offline cleaning, saving investment and operating costs.


    Product Specification

    Standard MBR module mCUBETM-400 mCUBETM-1000 mCUBETM-3000 mCUBEM-7500

    Effective membrane area(m²)






    Modular MBR Standard Equipment Schematic



    Application scenarios (equipment rental available)

     Contaminated Water Emergency Treatment Project

     Wastewater Treatment New Construction, Expansion and Alteration Projects Construction Transitional Wastewater Treatment Operations

    ● New construction, expansion, reconstruction of the project water plant conditions or time constraints, can not implement civil construction projects

Application areas