DIOFLUXTMEnergy efficient MBR

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    • Commodity name: DIOFLUX<sup>TM</sup>Energy efficient MBR

    Traditional MBR is characterized by high one-time investment, high operation cost, complicated operation and maintenance, offline cleaning, and difficult to be fully automated. The newly developed DIOFLUXTM high efficiency MBR by Richmiao adopts many patented technologies and proprietary manufacturing processes to realize the upgrading of MBR. Under the same external operating environment and conditions, compared with the traditional MBR, DIOFLUXTM has higher effective filtration area and water flux, and better aeration flushing effect, which makes the MBR system more efficient in terms of investment, more economical in terms of land occupation, lower aeration energy consumption, and more stable in terms of operation, and realizes the full automation of the system operation, on-line maintenance, and off-line cleaning, thus achieving the results of saving investment and operating costs. High performance effect.

    DIOFLUX  TM Innovative advantages of high-performance membrane curtains

     Adopting the innovative patented "filament distribution casting process", the shortcomings of irregular crossing at the root of membrane filaments and forming a mesh have been completely eliminated, which effectively solves the problem of sludge and filaments and other impurities being deposited and entangled at the root of membrane filaments, and at the same time realizes the increase of more than 10% of the effective loading area of membrane filaments. Under the same operating conditions, the airflow and water flow scouring effectiveness is higher, and the membrane filaments are more resistant to fouling and clogging.

     Special research and development of innovative patented technology products "two-in-one membrane curtain", in the design of the membrane box, compared with the upper and lower two-layer split membrane curtain, optimize the height of more than 150mm for the filling of the membrane filament, so that the utilization of space inside the membrane box is greatly improved; and at the same time, the two-in-one membrane curtain structure, but also effectively reduces the resistance of the airflow and water flow, and is more conducive to the upper and lower layers of the bubble through the scrubbing and hydrodynamic scouring.

     Adopting high quality membrane material patented by Feymer--PVDF lined with enhanced permanent hydrophilic membrane filament, with tensile strength of over 300N and peeling strength of over 5Bar, it can withstand high-intensity bubble scrubbing and hydrodynamic scrubbing, with excellent anti-pollution performance; the aperture is uniformly distributed with high filtration precision and high flux of produced water, and the quality of the produced water is good.


    DIOFLUX  TM Innovative Advantages of High Performance Membrane Boxes

     The membrane box structure in the form of two-in-one membrane curtain, high density of membrane filament filling, under the premise of ensuring long-term stable operation of the system, the standard filtration area per unit volume is more than 180m²/m³; high utilization rate of the membrane pool space, the floor space per unit of water production is saved more than 35% compared with the conventional single-layer membrane box.

    ● The investment cost per unit of water production is low, and the investment cost for processing the same amount of water is more than 20% less than that of conventional single-layer membrane tank.

    ● Using innovative patented anti-fouling plugging high-efficiency aeration tube design, high aeration efficiency, lower operating energy consumption, aeration energy consumption per unit membrane area than the conventional single-layer membrane box to save more than 35%.

    ● Adopting the design concept of integrating air pipe, water pipe and membrane box, the transportation, installation and maintenance are easy and guaranteed, and the whole is strong and durable.


    Other features

     With excellent quality of produced water, DIOFLUXTM high efficiency MBR can replace UF at the same time for the scenario of water reuse.

    ● Customers purchasing DIOFLUXTM high efficiency MBR membrane tanks will also receive a fully automated MBR system process package and design services developed by RiverMedia, enabling fully automated operation of the system. Offline cleaning without manual operation.


    Specification of Curtain Membrane Module



    Filtration accuracy


    Effective membrane area



    Water duct





    PVDF Lined with reinforced membrane wire







    Basic specification of curtain membrane box

    Model Dimension(mm)

    Effective membrane area



    Water production, air inlet


    Connection Caliber
    L*W*H (frame) Drainage outlet a Inlet b1&b2
    FMM-2180 PDV 1679*2000*3560 2188





    DN125 DN65
    FMM-2730 PDV 2034*2000*3560 2735 DN150 DN80
    FMM-3280 PDV 2389*2000*3560 3280 DN200 DN100



    Membrane tank installation schematic


    DIOFLUX  TM Application Scenarios, Design Requirements and Recommendations for High Performance MBR Systems

    Application Scenarios

    Large-scale municipal wastewater treatment (upgrading or expansion projects), large-scale chemical, printing and dyeing, paper wastewater treatment, industrial park wastewater treatment, especially for large water volume, small area expansion or upgrading projects.

    Design conditions and recommendations

    It is suitable for projects where the effective depth of the membrane pool is designed to be 4.5 meters and above, and the high efficiency of the membrane tank can be more fully utilized when the depth of the membrane pool reaches 5 meters and above. In view of the high lifting height of the membrane tank, it is recommended to choose in-situ offline cleaning in the membrane tank, and at the same time, the in-situ offline cleaning can realize the automatic operation mode without manual labor.



Application areas

Sewage treatment

Sewage treatment

Chemical waste water treatment

Chemical waste water treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment

Treatment and reuse of municipal sewage/drainage

Treatment and reuse of municipal sewage/drainage