MBR Membrane

Hollow fiber curtain MBR membrane based on PVDF material has excellent application effect and broad application prospect in sewage and wastewater treatment engineering.

ROF Anti-Pollution Series

The reverse osmosis composite membrane element used for desalination of brackish water adopts the unique anti-pollution patented technology to modify the membrane surface, change the charge and smoothness of the membrane surface, increase the hydrophilicity of the surface, reduce the adhesion of pollutants and microorganisms, reduce the rate of membrane contamination and prolong the service life.

Column ultrafiltration membrane series membrane elements

The hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane of Fumiao Membrane brand with independent intellectual property rights has excellent application effect in water treatment projects such as pure water preparation, tap water purification, water reuse, seawater desalination, brackish water treatment and etc. At present, it has been applied in many domestic projects for many years. At present, it has been used in many domestic projects for many years.

Industrial Nanofiltration Membrane Series Membrane Elements

Nanofiltration membrane has been widely used in the preparation of drinking water, food, pharmaceutical and biological industries without any chemical reaction, heating, destroying biological activity, altering flavor and aroma, low pressure and energy saving, and many other advantages. Focusing on the application fields of special substance separation and purification, fine salt separation, organic matter removal, zero discharge, drinking water for people's livelihood, process water supply, etc., Fumiao is the first one in China to research and develop the highly selective nanofiltration (NF) membrane element, which has high removal rate of divalent ions and ions above, organics with molecular weight above 200, viruses, etc., and excellent permeability of monovalent ions such as sodium and potassium.